How Does One Make A
Quantum LEAP™?

Making a Quantum LEAP™ is in its literal sense, the tiny but explosive jump that a particle of matter undergoes in moving from one place to another in order to exist. Since all humankind is composed of atomic and subatomic matter, we, too, have the aiblity to move from one state of consciousness to another by learning how to enter into this bizarre and magical underworld for making Quantum LEAPs in consciousness. It means, however, taking a risk to go off into unchartered terrirtories to have the life you are dreaming of (Exploring Inner Space: the Next Major Frontier for Mankind). When making Quantum LEAPs, the event is characterized by new possibilities that reveal themselves (Quantum Soulutions) once resolution of TWO primary factors takes place, i.e., creative tension and a sudden and often dramatic release or surrender to a higher aspect of consciousness.

The Quantum Soulution™ Collection
is a series of books on mind, body, and soul that provide Quantum Soulutions for achieving sustainable results regarding a variety of different challenges facing us in our modern day world. The Collection allows for Quantum LEAPs in consciousness and is featured in the Creative Heart Gift Shop (LEAP™ = Learning and Evolving at an Accelerated Pace).

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