The Jamison Technique™



Combining Subconscious ReProgramming SRP™ with Cellular Memory Repatterning™,i.e., The Jamison Technique™, Marian Jamison is a highly skilled, competent and personal Spiritual Guide and Transformational Coach who has worked with hundreds of people. In her sessions with her clients, she:

  • Identifies and transforms cellular memory patterns for achieving your goals and dreams
  • Identifies limiting core beliefs sabotaging your success
  • Assesses where your electrical system is losing power
  • Identifies stress factors that contribute to symptoms of illness and disease
  • Communicates with the innate healing wisdom of your body
  • Asks powerful questions that make you think in new and different ways
  • Listens in-between the lines for language patterns that reflect self-sabotage
  • Discovers the more soulful reason for what is happening
  • Identifies the part of you that is in resistance to your conscious intentions
  • Helps you reclaim power given away to the unwanted circumstances of your life
  • Rebuilds the immune system
  • Creates a new blueprint in consciousness
  • Transforms trauma, stress, and conflict into vibrant states of health and well-being
  • Changes language patterns linked to dysfunctional responses to life
  • Simply listens if that is all you want.

To transcend your issues, energy and consciousness must be elevated to another whole level. You cannot resolve challenges at the same level they were created. The following benefits have been reported:

  • A shift in consciousness at the level of cellular memory
  • Immediate detachment from any emotionally charged event
  • Expanded awareness and clarity
  • Increased synchronicity of events
  • Feelings of self-empowerment whereby you no longer get hooked by
    other people's negativity
  • Greater self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • Increased creative abilities
  • Depression turns into a feeling of being alive and enthusiastic
  • Failure is replaced with success, at long last
  • Grief and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) finally dissolve
  • A greater appreciation for other people's challenges
  • The ability to be more empathetic when people are behaving in life-alienating ways
  • Improved health on all levels-mental, emotional, physical, spiritual; and financial
  • Improved communications and relationships with the people in your life
  • Addictive cravings are minimized
  • Physical challenges linked to emotional issues are alleviated.


  • HEALTH: transforming depleting effects of stress into vibrant states of
    health and well-being;
  • WEALTH: raising your money and prosperity consciousness;
  • RELATIONSHIPS: increasing your ability to make meaningful connections;
  • SUCCESS: getting more of what you want in life; and,
  • RECOVERY: celebrating a new way of life.

As your own personal tour guide, Marian Jamison will lead you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, whereby you assess which limiting core beliefs are sabotaging your success relative to the track you are choosing for your session. Once you know which beliefs need transforming, then you are free to align with empowering beliefs that support your conscious intentions. Creating resonance with empowering belief systems is the most profound way of making sustainable changes in your life.


"I had the great fortune of having a session with Marian. Issues that I had been carrying around for years were addressed in the most skilled, loving, unobtrusive manner and cleared so that I am no longer handicapped by them. Marian's work is critical to lasting success. It brings together all the missing pieces that we have been searching for for so long. You will miss out if you pass up the opportunity to experience her masterful work." — R.W., Sedona, AZ

"I was introduced to Marian at a seminar where she demonstrated Subconscious ReProgramming SRP™. I had been in counseling for a couple of years and thought I had a pretty good idea of what my issues were. I found that talking about my issues and knowing them didn't seem to resolve them. Right after meeting Marian I made an appointment to have a session with her. SRP turned out to be just what I was looking for. It allowed me to clear the issues at hand and find others that I had no idea were there. The exciting aspect of SRP was that I could learn to do it myself and not rely on a practitioner. Marian's books have been great tools in the whole process, explaining the concepts and ideas around SRP in an easy to understand, systematic manner. I feel like SRP is the fast track to personal growth and evolution, there are so many applications on a day-to-day basis." — L. G., Phoenix, AZ

"Prior to having an appointment with Marian Jamison over the phone, I decided to make a significant financial investment in my business. However, feeling a lot of self-doubt about my ability to accomplish what needed to be done, I started experiencing physical symptoms from worrying about the effect it would have on my family if this business move wasn't successful. I was particularly concerned with their being adequately taken care of. All of this heaviness was taking its toll on me to the point where I was feeling little joy anymore.

Marian was able to help me make the connection between what happened when I was three years old and what was happening in the present moment. Clearly, I had been operating out of the emotional state of a three-year-old. Unconscious fear of surviving as a three-year-old was so consuming that it was preventing me from connecting more fully with my business and more importantly, my family.

Aware of how I had superimposed the past onto my current situation, with the help of Marian's 20-second method for releasing old emotional charges, I was able to let go of the fear of failing and completely align with the intentions I had set forth for my company. I instantly felt a shift in my body and was wonderfully energized. I now feel enthusiastic and confident about moving forward with my new business endeavor.

Some time has passed and things are flowing much better. I am particularly gratified by the awareness that I am no longer living from fear; my heart is in all I do now. It is amazing how our fears can so easily create exactly what we do not want to have happen. I am so thankful to have experienced Marian's powerful system for making changes at a deep core cellular level. I highly recommend having sessions with her if you are challenged in any way."

- Diane Kubal, President
Fulcrum Network, Inc., Naperville, IL


Additional Traits that Marian Jamison's Client's
Say She Displays in Her Sessions With You

Very Accepting / Non-Judgmental / Understanding
Clear, Focused Attention / Asks Good Questions
Cares Deeply / Listens with Her Heart / Tracks What is Being Said
Listens Well for What ISN'T Being Said
Empowers a Person to Come up With Their Own Answers
Reflects Back to the Client Her Observations of the Client in Non-Confronting Ways
Has Good Timing / Guides a Person to Go Deeply Without Hypnosis
Uncanningly Intuitive
There is a Feeling of No Longer Being Alone to Confront the Past
Competent to Facilitate what Comes Up in the Session
Allows the Client to Go Where Their Inner Guidance System Leads Them
Moves In and Out of Emotional States with Ease
Provides a Safety Net to Release Old Emotional Baggage
Gentle / Compassionate / Loving / Sensitive / Empathetic
Has Good Timing / Is Patient...Not in a Hurry
Allows Energy to Move and Integration to Occur
Wise / Respectful / Insightful
Trusts, Honors and Respects the Client's Process...
Doesn't Try to Figure it Out for Them

Is Highly Skilled in Identifying Core Belief Systems
Effectively Secures the Cooperation of the Subconscious
Doesn't Superimpose Her Beliefs or Values onto Her Clients
Has Good Presence / Is Direct and Honest
Conveys Trustworthiness / Confidence

Keeps the Session Professional...not a Social Interaction



Marian will walk you through to the other side where you are no longer overwhelmed by the challenges in your life. In other words, in this neutral emotional state, you will be ready to peer through a different set of lenses to see new possibilities for living more fully.

Internal Makeover sessions are done over the phone
in the convenience of your home or office.


Schedule an appointment now by e-mailing your appointment request and contact info to or call: 480.269.7795. At that time, you will receive instructions on how to make the most of your session.

Appointments are available between 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, MST, Monday - Friday.


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